Gang beasts

Gang beasts 24.10

Very funny multiplayer fighting game
4.3  (83 votes)
24.10.2019 (See all)
Try your best to control your character and engage in some of the silliest free for all fights you've ever seen. Choose between geeky characters and compete against your opponents on a variety of maps, each with their own special features.

Gang Beasts is a silly local multiplayer party game with doughy ragdoll physics and horrific environmental hazards. In the current pre-alpha players can grab, push, pull, punch, and throw their friends from wrestling rings, speeding trucks, and suspended platforms. The game is set in Beef City, a mouldering meat production metropolis in a dire state of emergency triggered by multitudes of hostile gangs violently competing to take control of the streets in the aftermath of the Great Beef Crash.

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